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At Synchronicity we offer a wide variety of wellness services, but only one type of membership: The Sync 90. Or in other words, 90 days of commitment to yourself, your body, your brain, and your relationships.

When you begin the Sync 90 Program you gain unlimited access to our state-of-the-art facility that is packed with the tools, offerings and people to help you create a healthier, happier, more intentional - you. We do this by optimizing your well-being through the four main pillars of wellness: How you Eat, Think, Move & Connect.

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Your Well-Being Oasis Awaits



Even the best superheroes have sidekicks, or better yet - a team of sidekicks. The Sync Team is constantly immersing themselves in the latest wellness trends, and are certified in areas such as Functional Medicine and Duke Integrative Health Coaching (or what we call Insight & Momentum Guides, IMGs for short). In any of our programs, you will always have unlimited access to our team of dietitians and IMGs because we believe there truly is strength in numbers.

Functional Nutrition Benefits:

  • More energy, love how you look

  • Monthly Functional Nutrition cleanses

  • Unlimited access to Shani RD, LD by appointment

Insight & Momentum Guides (IMG):

  • Partner with someone who “gets” you

  • Stay on track with weekly check-ins

  • Support towards the things in your life that matter most



Each one of our core fitness offerings at Sync is specifically formatted to be not only a great workout, but also an opportunity to get in the right headspace. By using our beautiful new studio, as well as access to the incredible grounds and tennis courts on campus, Sync workouts are truly fun, effective and you’ll never feel like you’re being rushed out the door so we can fill up the room for another class.

Sync Fitness Benefits:

  • Unlimited access to our perspective-shifting fitness and yoga classes

  • Opportunities to workout with personal trainers individually or in small-groups

  • Workouts geared towards getting you ready for an event or milestone



That’s great! We know there are so many amazing studios in Charleston that it’s likely you’ve already settled in at one that fits perfectly for you and your schedule. That’s why for a small additional monthly fee at Synchronicity, you can also have unlimited access (are you sensing a theme here?) to some of the most notable studios in town while still being a part of the incredible Sync community.

Partner Studios include:

  • Charleston Power Yoga

  • Cycle Bar (Mt. Pleasant location)

  • Pure Barre (Mt. Pleasant location)

  • Fit Culture (Daniel Island)



*Coming soon in Mid-2019* Have you used cryotherapy or infrared saunas before? Are you interested in getting the benefits of the latest recovery treatments, but don’t feel like having to pay every time you have an ache or pain? In Phase 2 of our facility there will be a complete Recovery Space, of which all members of Synchronicity programs will have unlimited access to the following modalities that are proven to get your body feeling its best.

Recovery Space Benefits:

  • Cryotherapy

  • Infrared sauna

  • NormaTec compression sleeves

Additional Space Benefits:

  • Unlimited access to committed trainers

  • Cold pool plunge

  • Skylight outdoor showers

healthy food.jpg


At Synchronicity, we know that convenience is critical. That’s why we are going to be offering delicious, fresh, healthy, ready-to-go meals and juices on our campus courtesy of Metto Coffee & Tea! So come by, grab the workout you need, use our recovery space, meet with your personal IMG, and have a nutritious meal waiting for you or your family on your way out!

Menu Items Include:

  • Acai Bowls

  • Gourmet Salads

  • Smoothies, Juices & more!



We know this is A LOT of stuff to jam into one well-being program, and you’ve probably been wondering how this all shakes out for you if you’re interested in signing up.

So if you’re serious about making a change, or are just interested in learning more about pricing options, exclusive member deals, etc. - fill out your info below and a member of the Sync Team will be in touch soon!

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