Start Firing on All Cylinders

At Synchronicity, we look at connection as a 2-way street: Finding the relationships, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors we DO want to connect with, and those that we want to BREAK the connection with. Work with your own personal Insight & Momentum Guide (IMG) to begin exploring how to better connect with yourself, loved ones, and all other areas of your health & well-being.


Connect with Yourself

We are all so busy… and “life hacks” such as another mindfulness app or a 3-day vinegar cleanse definitely appear to be practical, effective options for someone who already has a never ending to-do list.

However, we don’t do that stuff here at Sync. Not because it doesn’t have very real short-term benefits for your health, but because we believe connecting with yourself is critical to optimizing your health - and this process takes time and consistency.

With personal Insight and Momentum Guides (IMGs) trained to listen, focus, and radically align your every day actions with your most fulfilling intentions; we guarantee you will know a little more about yourself every time you leave this well-being oasis.


Connect Better with Others

Strong relationships are directly linked to increased vitality, and we believe that they deserve just as much work as any other area of your well-being. That’s why we offer a wide variety of events, experiences, and workshops that allow you to connect with area experts and the ones you love in new and dynamic ways.

These opportunities are constantly evolving, but take a look at some of our upcoming well-being events coming in 2019!