How to Get Started

You’re only one step away from beginning your two free weeks at Sync! All you need to do is book a time to come in and explore our new facility in one of our signature, complimentary, Discovery 90 sessions below!


What’s Included?


Discovery 90 (Click Here)

The Discovery 90 is a FREE signature Synchronicity offering designed to allow interested people a chance to meet with a team of well-being experts to examine their current condition and discover ways of moving forward.

During this 90-minute; part information, part evaluation, fully immersive experience, you will have individual measured assessments but will meet in a small group to ask questions and learn what tools are available at Synchronicity to move your well-being to a new level. At Synchronicity we believe in the power of community to achieve the best results and we start building community on day one.

By signing up for a Discovery 90 session you are in NO WAY committing to a Synchronicity membership!

Phase 1: Introduction & Recovery (15 minutes)

  • Introduction and use of some of our incredible physical recovery equipment including the Normatec leg compression system

  • Complete basic well-being questionnaires to assess global well-being

Phase 2: Fitness Assessment (25 minutes)

  • Meet with a Certified Exercise Specialist to assess:
    • Basic cardiovascular measures (RHR, BP, RHR, and a submaximal cardiovascular step test)
    • Body Composition using the InBody 770

Phase 3: Nutrition Assessment (30 minutes)

  • Meet with Shani Bachar, Synchronicity’s Registered Dietitian and Functional Medicine expert where you will learn:
    • How Functional Medicine can heal your gut, increase your metabolism, and improve your mood
    • The key’s to reducing inflammation and improving overall health

Phase 4: Health Coaching at Sync (20 minutes)

  • Meet with a Duke Trained Integrative Health Coach where you will learn:
    • How Synchronicity Coaches, we call them Insight and Momentum Guides (IMG’s), support our members in achieving incredible outcomes by helping them create the right goals and stay on track with their plan
    • How Sync IMGs differ from every other coaching experience you’ve ever had
    • How your IMG will act as your personal concierge to everything Sync has to offer both on and off campus

Unlimited Fitness Classes

Enjoy our variety of different wellness classes and feel free to stop in to take care of your body on our complimentary Normatec compression sleeves!

Tentative Class Schedule

  • Monday
    • All Levels Yoga
    • Cardio Sculpt
  • Tuesday
    • Arms & Abs
  • Wednesday
    • Get Shredded
    • ABSolutely Pilates
    • Yin Yoga
  • Saturday
    • Performance Bootcamp
    • Saturday Slow Down
  • Sunday
    • All Levels Yoga
    • Pilates

Vision & Values Session

Only available after completing a Discovery 90-minute session

Have the opportunity to sit down with a Duke-certified integrative health coach and begin mapping out key elements that make up your own personal vision of your best, ideal way of being. Walk away with a thorough understanding of where you want to go, and why it's so important that you get there. This meeting acts as a core foundation to a lot of the IMG work throughout the Sync 90 membership, and is completely free to anyone during their two initial weeks at Sync!