A Community of Smart Eaters

Sharing nourishing food with great friends is a huge part of what we do at Sync. Eating to fuel the body & brain unlocks incredible energy and focus. We help you sync up your nutrition plans in three primary ways:

Nutrition Consultations  |  Functional Medicine  |  Experiences

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Nutrition Consultations

Work with Shani Bachar (RD, LD) for a personal, holistic partnership geared towards impacting ALL areas of your life with nutrition. Whether it be weight loss, relationships with food, energy-boosting techniques or how to craft healthy meals for you and your family - you’ll have unlimited support from both Shani and the rest of our team, when & where you need it.

As a part of the Sync 90 Program, members have primary access to Shani for scheduling 15-minute consultations that can be done in-person, over the phone, or using a web-based video service (i.e. Zoom) over the course of the 90 days. Shani also has office hours for all members to be able to stop by for nutrition consultations at a time that works best for them!

If you are interested in solely working with Shani, learning more about 60-minute discovery sessions, or in-depth meal planning meetings - please click the button below to book a time that best fits your schedule.

Functional Medicine

Making changes to your diet can be overwhelming - especially changes that last.

That’s why we use the proven practice of Functional Medicine to help you reset your body and optimize your brain in just 3-4 weeks.

Over the course of the month, participants will work with Shani in groups as they remove the foods that are causing inflammation, depleting energy reserves, and cultivating allergens within the body. After the cleanse you will have a gut that is flatter and completely restored to its optimally-functioning state!

If you still want more after the 4-weeks, there will be multiple opportunities for you to participate in various supervised cleanses to further detox & restore the body’s internal organs.


Sync Eats by Metto

At Synchronicity, we know that convenience is critical. That’s why we are going to be offering delicious, fresh, healthy, ready-to-go meals and juices on our campus courtesy of Metto Coffee & Tea! So come by, grab the workout you need, use our recovery space, meet with your personal IMG, and have a nutritious meal waiting for you or your family on your way out!