A 21-Day Reset

If you suffer from low energy, stubborn weight gain, or frequent headaches - look no further than The Elimination Diet.

Taken directly from the experts at the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), Synchronicity is your opportunity to have access to not only the most current information, but top-level execution of the plan as well with our team of coaches.

Participants in this 21-day reset will receive a comprehensive guide that explains exactly how your body only needs three weeks to restore itself back to a leaner, sharper, and more focused version of you. Additionally, full meal plans will be distributed with “diet-friendly” options & planners to ensure that your body is in the best position possible to truly recharge.

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What’s Included in The Elimination Diet?

  • A comprehensive guide for the entire diet, or in other words, everything you’d need to know and more

  • Wide-ranging meal plan that works for you and your schedule

  • Work with an accountability coach at Sync to help you get set up and stay on course throughout your 21-days!

    • *This is an add-on service not included in the $99*


What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is the practice of searching for root causes of conditions and ailments such as inflammation, chronic headaches, unwanted weight gain, and a wide variety of other day-to-day symptoms by using a thorough assessment of our nutrition.

Frequently in current healthcare and nutritional systems, the initial response to a client with symptoms such as lack of energy or anxiety is to prescribe anti-depressants to make them feel “normalized” again. However, this process can also be seen as a band-aid that fails to address what is causing the depleted energy reserves “upstream” in the first place.


Take Advantage of this Body & Mind Reset!