How much does it cost to participate at Synchronicity?

The price of the Sync 90 program varies depending upon which package you choose, and if you want access to our Partner studios as well. We’d love the chance to be able to hop on the phone with you and talk through all of our options, as well as other more a-la-carte services that we offer!

Click the button below to schedule a time for a member of the Sync Team to reach out at your convenience.


What is an IMG?

An IMG, or Insight & Momentum Guide, is your personal confidant serving as a trusted resource and accountability partner as you move through the Sync Program. They are all trained and certified by the Duke University Integrative Health Coaching Program, and have a wide array of skill sets, backgrounds, and focus areas to best serve the areas of your life you are most interested in.


How often do I meet with my Guide (IMG)?

That totally depends on you and your goals! At the very least, your personal IMG will call you weekly at an agreed time to simply check-in and see how you’re doing on progress. If you have more questions, or want to work with your Guide more frequently, you can easily book time during your IMG’s Office Hours via the MindBody app once you become a member!


What if I'm interested, but not ready to commit for 3-months?

We realize a program that promises to change your life this much might be met with some skepticism.  That is a normal thought to have!  So, we offer every member a chance to come in and try out the Sync up program for 2 weeks before committing to the full program, absolutely FREE.

Simply reach out to us on our Contact Page, or enroll in the risk-free two weeks on our Offerings Page!