(Video Tutorial)


SOAPBOX - Self recording software


  • Following up with recently converted sales

  • IMG follow-up when there’s been no contact in 2 weeks


  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer, (sign into a gmail account if not already signed into one).

  2. Click this link, or simply Google, “How to download soapbox video?”

  3. Download the software for free by hitting the “Add to Chrome” then “Add extension” buttons.


4. Now it should be installed in the top-right hand of your browser (the blue camera icon)

soapbox browser icon.PNG


  • Once installed, click this link to go to a 2-minute soapbox video that shows you the ins & outs of the software (recording, editing, etc.)

Soapbox dropdown.PNG


  1. Click the icon in the upper-right hand corner of the browser (make sure your laptop is not docked in a charging station) and it should begin showing you an example of what your recording would look like.

  2. Hit the “Start Recording” button and it will ask you to share your screen - select the appropriate audio & visual outputs.

  3. Once selected, Soapbox will give you a 5-second countdown before the recording begins (*NOTE: you will not be able to see your face once the recording begins - so don’t forget to smile!)

soapbox editing.PNG


Editing in soapbox is good for three reasons:

  1. You can have the video share you and your screen (see image above), show just the screen, or show just your face. To edit which view, simply click the video progression bar at the bottom of the video where you want the view to be changed. After clicking you will see the options to edit (see image below). I.e. Click the far right person icon to show just the camera recording view.

soapbox change view.PNG

2. You can edit out the beginning and end of the videos. This is helpful when you have a brain freeze at the end of a video and suddenly can’t remember how to stop recording so the film ends with you frantically clicking around for an additional 30 seconds. Once in the editing screen, click and drag the scissors on either end of the video progression bar to have a perfect ending instead of an awkward one.

3. The editing has customization that fits our brand.

  • Change the title - “You did it Andrew!”

  • Change the thumbnail (image the shows up before you press play) - Don’t overthink this part

  • Change the color

    • Sync Blue: #24aadb

    • Sync Orange: #ffb375

  • Change the CTA (call-to-action) - Add in a brief message and then the link for where you want your viewer to go next (i.e. Coach Accountable page, Mindbody page, blog article, etc.)

soapbox customization.PNG


Once done editing, click over to the “Share” tab on the editing screen. To send your work-of-art to one special person, you have two options (see right-hand side of the image below):

  1. Copy and paste the link into an email

  2. Download and attach the video into an email

soapbox share.PNG