Lauren Zimmerman

Director of Nutrition

Lauren Zimmerman.jpg

The Game-Changer for Your Gut

Lauren has been a Registered Dietitian for 6 years now. She grew up in Rock Hill, SC and the Charleston area has been home for the past 14 years. She received her undergraduate degree from The University of South Carolina and master’s degree in nutrition from Winthrop University. She has experience working with individuals who have heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and auto-immune conditions as well as those who want to improve their lifestyle through nutrition. She continually learns about nutrition to help others develop practical and enjoyable lifelong habits that improve health, well-being, energy levels, confidence, and digestion, with the overall goal to reduce risk factors associated with chronic diseases and to live better. 

Lauren focuses on a largely whole food, plant based nutrition approach to health. She enjoys preparing healthy food for others, getting creative in the kitchen, and helping patients and clients do so as well. Each individual receives personalized nutritional guidance because no two people are the same. The whole person must be considered especially in terms of risk factors, past medical history, and family history.

Outside of nutrition she enjoys writing, traveling, exploring, hiking, painting, baking and cooking and spending time with family and friends.