Mindbody + Poynt

Selling Memberships Tutorial

Mindbody +  Poynt

Mindbody - Our club management + payment processing system


  • When taking any payments for memberships, drop-in rates, etc.


  1. Turn it on by pressing & holding the power button on the backside of the device.

  2. Select the “Mindbody Business” app.

  3. You should appear on the schedule screen below


4. Next click on the little hamburger icon (3 bars stacked on top of each other) in the top left corner and select “Retail”.


5. If the client is not already in the system, you’ll have to create a new account for them. Click the blue female icon in the top right-hand corner to create a new client. If they already exist, simply search for them on this screen (and scroll down to step 7).


6. For new clients, enter in their first name, last name, email & phone number. **Be sure to ask them if this is an email they use for their main scheduling calendar so they won’t miss classes, appointments, etc.**


7. Once the client is selected/created, you will come to the retail screen where you would select one of the following options:

  • Products - Yoga mats, water bottles, Sync gear, etc.

  • Services - These are a-la-carte appointments such as personal training, or a 1-time nutrition consultation

  • Contracts - These hold the Sync 90 memberships and any other recurring membership options

  • Gift Cards - Not available at this time

  • Account Payments - Not available at this time


8. For the purpose of this tutorial let’s pretend our client Jim Bob is looking to get started with the Sync 90 Program - so we would select one of the following options after pressing “Contracts” on the screen above. (For this example T-Shirt Test is a fake membership that costs $1 so I wouldn’t charge myself).

There are two main types of contracts Sync 90 - Sync Campus and Sync 90 + Partners. Each one can either be paid in 3 monthly payments, or all up-front in a 1-time payment. See image below.


9. Once you select the pricing option that the client wants - select the orange “Check Out” button at the bottom of the screen.


10. To verify everything in the client’s cart, review the package one last time and then hit the orange “Select Payment” at the bottom of the screen again.


11. Because we do not have a cash drawer here at Sync (yet) you can select either “Credit/debit” or “Check” to process the payment. Credit and debit is definitely preferred here, and is what we will select in this tutorial.


12. It will take you to a total amount screen with the selected payment method for moving forward. Select the orange “Complete sale” button at the bottom of the screen.


13. Next it will ask you to clarify if the charge will be credit or debit, and then to insert, swipe, or manually enter the information on the card.


14. Next the customer, Jim Bob, will see the screen on his side of the Poynt device light up prompting him/her to insert or swipe as well.


15. Take the card and insert it (if chip), or swipe if not.


16. Once the payment is processed the client will be asked to sign multiple times, confirming they know the extent of the contract (liability waiver), as well as to finalize the payment.


17. Allow the client to select how they wish to have the receipt given to them. The Poynt device will print a paper receipt if selected, or will email the receipt a digital copy to the email address provided in the account.


You should be all set after this!

If you have more questions please email Andrew at andrew@thesynclife.com to get you all squared away.