Fitness Done Differently

Each one of our core fitness offerings at Sync is specifically formatted to be not only a great workout, but also an opportunity to get in the right headspace. Whether it’s a Tough Mudder training bootcamp outside, or a stretchy yoga class in our beautiful studio - we never rush you out the door to fill up the room for our next class. Oh yeah, and we also have a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore all the best studios in town as often as you’d want!

Sync Partners | Unique Sync Workouts | Event-Based Training


Sync Partners

If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

But in this case - an exception has to be made. For the first time ever, all participants of the Sync 90 Program will have the option to receive unlimited access to our partner studios all around Charleston (such as Charleston Power Yoga, Cycle Bar, Pure Barre, and Fit Culture).

For an additional monthly fee, you will have the opportunity to hand-select the best fitness plan for you with top-level providers in the area.

Unique Sync Workouts

When did working out become such a burdensome task? Sure, exercise has an infinite amount of benefits - but for so many of us, fitness is missing one core component… fun.

At Sync, we use our unique campus to deliver workouts that check off all your fitness requirements, all while delivering a truly fun and engaging workout. Classes like Cardio Tennis and Hi-Float (an aquatic float fitness class) are specifically designed to deliver an entirely new way for you to connect & sweat!


Event-Based Training

At Sync, we truly do believe that anyone can do anything. This is why we have classes for all-levels to train for difficult types of events such as Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, or even extended-day hikes. A Sync workout should mean you’re always moving forward in a direction that aligns with where you want to be, and these events around the Southeast are the perfect way to grow your potential.

You will be fully-supported as you move through different team-based training intervals that will get you into the fitness state you need to break through any mental or physical walls placed before you!

We’re Looking for Passionate Fitness Instructors!

If you are a top-level fitness instructor who’s interested in earning more money for the more people that come to your class, look no further than Synchronicity. We want you to bring whatever workout, practice, meditation, or sport your passionate about sharing with others in the Charleston community to Synchronicity!

Click the button below to learn more- and we hope to hear from you soon!