Restaurant Recommendation

Lauren Zimmerman, Registered Dietitian

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Butcher & Bee

If you go to Butcher and Bee’s website the first message you will see is “we’re about great food culture.” This notion of food culture is weaved throughout the menu as well as featured during Charleston Restaurant Week.

The owner of Butcher and Bee is originally from Israel and so the roots of the menu are from afar. Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine influences the menu; hummus, eggplant, tahini, various grains and vegetables, as well as spices and cooking methods, and vegetarian dishes characteristic of these regions can be found throughout the dishes. However, the food culture is also representative of Charleston. The restaurant sources ingredients from local farmers, participates in composting, provides compostable to-go boxes and straws, and recycles everything down to the glass.

For Charleston Restaurant week, Butcher and Bee is offering a uniquely catered experience. For $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner each guest will enjoy a 3 course Chef designed meal intended to be served family style. Courses will be tailored to the diner’s food preferences, allergies, food avoidances, etc.

When we talk about nourishing food, while it can get complicated, it can also be simplified - that fresh is best and to eat together. Food prepared fresh instead of factory processed is generally more health promoting. At Butcher and Bee, everything from the bakery items to the almond butter is made in-house, from scratch. And with family style eating, all at the table can share in the experience of the meal, which I would argue is another definition of nourishing.

Favorites from the menu include the Veggie Burger which has been featured in Bon Appetit Magazine, the Moroccan Carrots made with spiced tahini and dukkah which is a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices; Hummus with house-made pita bread, Falafel served with tahini, and the Kale Salad served with legumes, red onion, honey roasted peanuts, and herb dressing.

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