The Foundations of Healthy Eating


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This is how we want you to consume. 


  1. Core Principals of Nutrition 

  1. Food grown in it’s natural eco system 

  1. Eating food grown locally (supporting the local agriculture and farm land).  

  1. Produce in grown and ripens in the season which it naturally grows.  

  1. Food Guide Pyramid should be flipped (CHO should be consumed in the least amount, while Most Kcal come from healthy fats proportionately). 

  1. Your first bite of the day determines your last bite. Start the morning with protein & healthy fat vs. CHO. Continue the day plant based and lean protein with minimal CHO/ Sugar.  

  1. Intermittence fasting. Eating b/w 8-10 hours & Fasting b/w 14-16 hours. 


*Note- fresh produce are not masked in packages with twisted health claims. They don’t have to prove themselves.  



All the reasons to How we want you to consume.  


  1. We go in to medicine to make people feel and get better, but there is no real healing that takes place. Despite the efforts of the doctor and the patient to follow the medical care/ RX, chronic disease progresses and moves forward in one direction. The wrong direction.  

Conventional treatment and prevention is flawed when treatment is aimed towards the wrong target.  We know that metabolic disease is caused by the way we eat, and Nutrition is often not even addressed.  


When we fuel our bodies properly- our emotions, will power, and character Do not have to be considered.  Behavioral parameters are out of the equation. “The food rules are behavioral in nature”  





Treating the root cause vs. symptoms, and it is done without a prescription pad.  

In Functional Medicine, it is believed that- “The secret of providing care to someone, is to really care about them”.  … and- “Caring for someone, requires really really knowing that person”.    


This requires listening, being present, truly getting to know the person in front of you in hearing their life story to the point they were brought in front of us today.  It requires interrogating diverse domains and aspects of their life. This creates a context for insight, and an optimal healing environment for both the Guides and the members.