Welcome to Synchronicity


In today’s culture, we’ve found three things to be almost indisputably true:

  1. People are busy

  2. People have pain

  3. People want more from life


If you found yourself nodding your head as you read through those three points, rest assured - you’re not alone.

In fact, you’re in the same boat as many Lowcountry natives that are juggling families, work, personal growth, injuries, lack of sleep, and fast food convenience - all without hardly ever tuning into what they’re bodies & brains are telling them.


On top of all of that, there are thousands of other health businesses and studios telling you that they’ve got “The Magic Pill” to fix all your problems for you - without considering one little thing:

You, your body, your life’s story, your passion, and your purpose are completely different from anyone else.

So why would your plan for your healthiest, happiest self not include a hand-crafted, non-generic program that fits perfectly into the lifestyle you have now?

Enter, Synchronicity.

At Synchronicity, we are helping people make the life-altering transformation they crave so they can improve their mental & physical health, the way they look and feel, and the relationships they hold dear. In our first blog, we want to introduce you to Synchronicity, and give you a little more information about the place people are describing as “their third home!”


Our innovative wellness club opens its doors this spring in what promises to be life-changing for anyone wanting to age less and live more. Located on the campus of Live to Play, better known to locals at LTP, Synchronicity is a well-being oasis for busy people who want to optimize their body and brain, so they can do more of what matters most in their lives. We do this by helping members “sync up” the four big pieces of well- being:

Eat | Think | Move | Connect

wide_view_rendering-Final 2.jpg

Our state-of-the-art headquarters features beautiful indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, a healthy café, gourmet teaching kitchen, yoga and fitness studios, a comprehensive physical recovery zone, meditation spaces, cryotherapy, infrared saunas, and a complete staff of Duke-trained health coaches and professionals dedicated to help members reach their goals.


“We have created a place where people can experience optimum health and well-being,” says Co-Founder/ Director of Programming and Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach, Brian Durbin. “Those who join are bound to take massive steps forward in their mental & physical function, or we will their money back.”


Brian found that when a person fully aligns the four big pieces of their well-being - how they eat, think, move, and connect - their body and brain begin to operate at the very highest level.  They begin to realize that anything is possible in their lives.  We call this living the “Sync Life”.

By partnering with top wellness experts in the Lowcountry and the US, our Synchronicity team is dedicated to helping people achieve and sustain major breakthroughs in their vitality.


If this is resonating with you, there are several ways to get involved but there’s only one type of membership: The Sync 90. You can join as a member for 90 days at a time and work alongside your own personal health coach, or join the Sync 90 also with unlimited access to Synchronicity Partner Studios, or just pay a-la-carte for your favorite services. Here’s what you can expect when you become a member of Synchronicity...


The Sync 90 Program Includes:

  • Functional Medicine-based nutrition guidance with a registered dietitian (RD)

  • Teaching kitchen

  • On site café with healthy, ready-to-go meal options

  • Your own personal Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach

  • Unlimited fitness at some of Charleston’s best yoga & fitness studios

  • Dedicated physical recovery zone to optimize your body’s performance

  • Mindfulness programs and meditation spaces to mentally recharge

  • Innovative programs with the area’s best wellness experts


The Sync 90 Program Benefits:

  • Reversal of aging symptoms

  • Healthy weight loss

  • Natural body detoxification

  • Increased energy and stamina

  • Sharper mental focus

  • Quicker recovery

  • Peace of mind knowing everything you need to make a change is at your fingertips

  • An incredible community of support


You can find Synchronicity at 1513 Mathis Ferry Road in Mt. Pleasant. For more information on our membership offer, visit www.thesynclife.com/sync90 or call (843)-416-5006.