Re-Calibrate Your Brain

Explore new mindsets, remove mental barriers, create a lifestyle of intention.

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The Sync 90 Program

This program is designed to uproot you from areas of your life where you feel “stuck”, and generate energy moving forward in all the directions that matter most to you. It works because we focus on how your brain processes information, assesses barriers, and develops success momentum.

As part of the orientation for the Sync 90 Day Program at Synchronicity, new members participate in an action-packed orientation, that’ll get your body & brain prepared for success by:

  • Joining a motivating accountability group

  • Pairing with your personal Insight & Momentum Guide (IMG)

  • Developing your entire 90-day plan with clear action steps

Insight & Momentum Guides

When in the Sync 90 Program, participants have unlimited access to coaching and nutritional support.  You can easily book time with any of our Insight & Momentum Guides (IMGs) to help you stay on track with your goals, and to celebrate in your successes.

These 15-minute consults are perfect for answering questions about your personal goals, checking in on progress, or taking a few minutes to work through a problem area in your life.  When your living the Sync Life, our team is available to support you when you need it. 


Mindfulness Training

Working your mental muscles is no different than working your body’s muscles - it takes reps.

That’s why our mindfulness practice is grounded into everything we do. For those who want to dig deeper we also have opportunities to learn proven mindfulness strategies from local experts to keep you connected with the present moment, and doing what it takes to move toward things that matter to you.

Programs coming in 2019:

  • The Power of Focus - Using Meditation for an Unfair Advantage

  • Overcoming Trauma & Embracing Life

  • Deep Relaxation - Healing the Body