Tracy Abeles


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Proficient @ Pilates + Everything Else

I'm a reformed actress, proud mother to twin daughters and an passionate avid lover of the spine. As an eager, young student at an
experimental Theatre conservatory, I was lucky enough to study the spinal “game changers”: The Feldenkrais Method, The Alexander Technique and Joseph Pilates' body of work. These cutting edge body mechanics taught me that in order to take on my character's physicality, I needed to lose my personal traits and and start with a neutral spine. This breathtaking concept resonated so deeply with me that it eventually germinated fully into my teachings as a Pilates and Yoga Teacher.

I am passionate about finding what works for you and believe that this work should be available and accessible to every BODY, as long as we recognize, support and respect the ways in which we are uniquely assembled. Whether I am cooking, traveling or on the mat, I love to laugh, share and be a part of a community. We all need to be seen, to feel supported and encouraged in a judgement free zone.