Upcoming Experiences


Putting Thoughts into Action

Monday, July 8th

6pm - 7pm

Free for all members

During this 1 hour interactive workshop, you will practice tools & techniques that will support you in getting unstuck, so that you can turn your thoughts into action.

Meditation for Relaxation

Monday, July 15th

6:30pm - 7pm

Free for all members

Discover how this 30-minute guided practice can be a natural sleeping aid, allowing you to let go of the day – everything that’s happened and everything that’s been said – so that you can rest the mind while simultaneously resting the body.

The Resiliency Advantage Program

Tuesday, July 16th & Tuesday, July 23rd

Both days from 11:30am - 1pm

Free for all members | $75 for non-members ($150 training when done elsewhere)

Develop skills for personal effectiveness, self-regulation & enhanced performance with this three-hour training program based from the non-profit research center, HeartMath®. Benefits include increased ability to focus, process information, manage and build resiliency to stress, as well as significant decreases in exhaustion, anxiety, frustration, body aches, indigestion, rapid heartbeats, muscle tension, and headaches.

Please bring your own lunch or order ahead of time from our on-site cafe, Sync Eats by Metto.