Recharge Group Class Instructor

Mental + Physical InstructorJason has recently moved down to Charleston from New York where he ran a successful holistic, lifestyle coaching business for over 22 years. After studying psychology at Manhattanville College and the C.H.E.K. Institute – he’s also brought it upon himself to take at least one (usually more) high-level continuing education class per…


Yoga & Pilates Instructor

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Communications & Logistics

Ray of SunshineI’m the proud daughter to the two greatest parents in the world and the eldest of five siblings. I love yoga, being outdoors, hiking, camping, and my cat, Coal. At Synchronicity, I put my degree in Biology and Health to work providing support across an array of disciplines from administration and accounting to…

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Project Manager

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Program Coordinator

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Director of Nutrition

Director of Nutrition

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Co-Founder, Director of Programming

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