Sync Services 


How can we help?

Whatever you need to get your body & brain firing on all cylinders again - we can help.


Hours of Operation:

Mon-Thur. (8:00am-7:00pm) | Friday (8:00am-6:00pm)

Saturday (8:00am-12:00pm) | Sunday (9:00am-11:00am)

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Well-being Experiences

Stop doing the same old date night, and let us bring the fun to you. From family nights, to outdoor workouts & barbecues, to exclusive cooking classes - Synchronicity experiences are not your typical wellness events!

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Fitness + Yoga Services

At Synchronicity you will have the opportunity to join in a wide array of workouts, classes, and unique ways to energize your body & mind. For all group fitness & yoga classes, use the following Mindbody system to book your next class!

*The studio space will be open 15 minutes prior to each class. All new class attendees please arrive 15 minutes early to your start time to get properly set up with us here at Sync!*


  • Group Workouts + Yoga:

    • Unlimited for Sync 90 Members

    • $10 Drop-In Rate

  • Personal/Private Training:

    • $45 for Sync 90 Members

    • Contact Us for Non-Member Rates


Nutritional Services

Work closely with our functional-medicine trained, registered dietitian Shani Bachar, RD, LD to begin optimizing how you think, look & feel through crafting the perfect nutrition plan for you. All Sync 90 members have the ability to book unlimited consults with Shani during their 3 months, as well as getting priority in all detox and cleanse programs!


  • 15-minute Check-In:

    • Free for all Sync 90 Members

  • 60-minute Consultation:

    • $75 for Sync 90 Members

    • $149 for Non-Members

  • Functional Medicine Detoxes:

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Health Coaching

At Synchronicity we refer to our team of health coaches as Insight & Momentum Guides (IMGs), and their main goal is to help you do two things: Help you figure out what’s most important to you, and then do everything they can to help keep your “Why” at the top of your mind.

All Sync 90 members have access to their coaches for 15-minute check-ins either in person or over the phone, which can be scheduled in the Mindbody portal below. Additionally, if you require more time, a 60-minute IMG session is available as well!


Looking for all of the above?

At Synchronicity we offer only one type of membership that we call The Sync 90.

If you want the most holistic, comprehensive well-being program in the Lowcountry - look no further than our 90 day transformational membership located in Mt. Pleasant.