Reset your Gut (and your Mind-Body Connection) in 21 Days

Scientifically speaking, you are more bacteria than human. There are roughly 40 trillion bacteria cells in your body vs. 30 trillion human cells. It’s no surprise, then, that bacterial balance in the gut is tied to whole-body health, showing to increase energy levels, improve mood, bolster the immune system +...

21 Day Gut Reset

Your gut holds the key to optimal health. An active and healthy gut allows the body to process food, absorb calories and nutrients, build, and bolster the immune system, produce vitamins and much more. An inharmonious gut can lower energy levels, cause bloating and even weight gain. Our 21 Day...

Modern Minds with MUSC Health

Synchronicity is a subsidiary of Modern Minds, a non-profit organization dedicated to treating and empowering mental health and wellbeing. We often partner together to offer truly integrative care for Modern Minds clients, Synchronicity members and the greater Lowcountry community.