The Pioneer Program

For almost an entire year, a select group of Lowcountry men, women, young adults, and adventurous souls (who we called our Pioneers) helped us learn what works... and what doesn't when it comes to motivation and commitment to one's growth.

Here's what they had to say: 



I was 60lbs overweight, had high blood pressure, and traveled 60+ hours a week for work... At Sync, I dropped 20% of my weight with almost NO muscle loss, found how to finally eat clean with my lifestyle, and loved sharing my growth with other like-minded individuals.
— Dennis (57), Mt. Pleasant
Synchronicity has empowered me, opened my eyes & given me that boost of confidence I’ve needed - it was the best thing that I could have ever done
— Tangela (46), Mt. Pleasant
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Having groups of people who are genuinely in your court, on your team is so empowering... and Synchronicity is allowing me to look at my entire well-being.
— Kevin (53), Daniel Island
I thought if I had enough books, podcasts, and resources I could be my best... but having the face-to-face interaction with my coach made all the difference for me.
— Erin (34), Downtown Charleston
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After sustaining a low-back injury in a car accident, the truly “all levels” yoga at Sync did two main things for me:

It kept me moving, and gave me the relaxation I needed.
— Michelle (50), Mt. Pleasant
Accountability & relatability. It was wonderful to be able to open up to my coach about real in-life experiences (kids, mid-life, etc.) and how those things relate to men’s health.
— Jason (41), Summerville
My Guide helped with accountability, ideas on how to define and meet my goals, and was a listening ear about life’s frustrations that can be a barrier in progressing forward.

My guide was someone who was always on my side, but also wanted to push me towards attainable goals.
— Meg, Isle of Palms

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