Transatlantic Rowing Challenge: Meet the Dreamboats

October 13, 2022

Synchronicity and Modern Minds, associated mental and physical wellness clinics located in Charleston SC, are pleased to partner with “The Dreamboats,” two amateur sailors preparing for a 3,000-mile Transatlantic rowing endurance race.

The Dreamboats team, consisting of restaurateur Ben Towill and Chef Charlie Layton, became acquainted in the workplace and quickly learned of their shared interest in the Talisker Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000-mile rowing race from the Canary Islands to Anguilla.

Among the many logistical and financial considerations for an undertaking such as this, the pair would need a boat, and the leading-edge 25-foot rowing craft they selected came with a hefty price tag. Casting their net for sponsorships, they landed upon Synchronicity and Modern Minds.

The Charleston wellness clinics share similar missions of helping people to overcome anxiety and embrace challenges to achieve personal, spiritual, and professional growth. The Dreamboats’ determination to undertake such a monumental task was a natural fit, and a sponsorship was born.

As Ben and Charlie prepare for the December race, Synchronicity and Modern Minds wish them calm seas and fair winds and congratulate them on their commitment.

You can read much more about the Talisker Challenge, the Dreamboats, and the educational and conservation projects they hope to benefit in the current issue of Charleston Magazine.  And for more information about physical and mental wellness in Charleston SC, please visit Synchronicity and Modern Minds online.

And check out this fascinating video introducing you to Ben and Charlie and the Transatlantic dream they share!


DreamBoats Fundraiser Series


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