Planting Seeds of Resilience: How to Cultivate a Positive Mindset this Spring

March 27, 2023

Spring is a season full of renewal and growth. As the days get longer and the weather get warmer, it’s natural to feel a surge of energy and motivation. Here are some tips to help you harness that energy and use it to boost your motivation this season.

  1. Set Values-Driven Goals: Spring is an exciting time to set new goals and work towards achieving them. However, goals can carry little meaning (even when achieved) if they are not personally meaningful to you and connected with one of your values. For example, “active lifestyle” may be a value of yours, whereas “run a 5k” may be a goal. Whether it’s a fitness goal, or a personal goal, use the energy of the season to get started. And most importantly, always use your values as a guide.
  2. Get Outside: Spend some time outdoors and soak up the sunshine, with sunscreen of course! Take a walk, ride a bike, or simply sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Studies show that spending time in nature can improve your mood and boost your energy.
  3. Spring Cleaning: Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Take some time to declutter your mind and clear out any negative thoughts or feelings that may be holding you back. This can be as simple as writing in a journal or talking to a friend or therapist
  4. Try Something New: Spring is a great time to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Take a cooking class, sign up for dance class or try a new hobby you’ve been meaning to learn. Trying new things can help you discover new passions and boost your motivation.
  5. Practice Self-Care: Make self-care a priority this spring. Take care of your body and mind by eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and practicing relaxation techniques like mediation or yoga. Taking care of yourself will help you feel more energized.
  6. Surround Yourself with Positive Energy: Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you. Spend time with friends and family who encourage you to reach your goals and believe in your abilities. You can also surround yourself with positive affirmations, quotes or inspiring books to help you stay motivated. Try a Loving Kindness meditation utilizing the Healthy Minds app.

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